Welcome To @bsolute Computers

Have you ever been right in the middle of important business when suddenly your computer crashes? So you proceed to call a tech for help only to find that you can't understand a word they are saying, which really doesn't help the foul state of mind you were already in. The solution is here. Bring us your computer worries. Where you and your computer will be handled with care at an affordable price.

Our techs are local, knowledgeable, professional, and keep a flexible schedule to be there when you need them. No matter how complex your need is, the extra steps will be taken to repair the problem at the source so you don't have the same reoccurring issue.

Support is offered just about anywhere. You can drop off your PC or we can stop in. An even more convenient option is our remote service. We can be on our way to helping you with just a few clicks.

Resolving your repair problems is a big concern but it isn't our only concern, We want to insure that you have found a trusted partner in us when it comes to handling all of your technology challenges.