I recently purchased an existing business and combined it with my machine shop. As many people know, everything these days is tied to a computer including machines. Machines use a little different language than PC's and the first time I talked to Casey and Heather I wondered if they would be able to build my network and get everything to "jive". As a matter of fact I called a couple others prior and one came right out and said "we don't work on that stuff", the other said they worked in the building before and it's all there : it's not rocket science: can't you figure it out" - huh? Not @bsolute - they came in looked and said they would figure it out. Networking my computers and tying the motion control for my machines. And figure it out they did. Casey is a genius! Bar none, the best of the best. He is the most down to earth guy who can not only fix or figure out anything, he will talk to you (like a real person) and explain what he did and what you can do to help things work smoothly. To put it in simple terms, he is just plain a cool guy and a man of good character, the kind of person I want to work with and the type of person I would welcome in to my business or my home even if I had no computers. @bsolute is a family run business and all of them are fantastic to work with. I cannot express how thankful I am to have found them. I am also going to say that anyone who reads a testimonial because they are wondering who they should go to, you can stop your search here, you will not be disappointed!

~Dan Morris~

DMD Machine LLC

@bsolute Computer Repair has fixed several computer issues for us. Our main computer crashed with all of our files and rental calendar. They were able to retrieve all of the information. They saved us lots of money, time and headache. Thank you, Casey.

Ross Aragon Community Center

~Cheryl Bowdridge~

Facility Director

Like so many of us, I live through the daily use of my computer. I had my computer hacked which is terrible - @bsolute Computer Repair responded right away and was able to restore my emails. In addition they cleaned my entire computer and had me back on my feet in just a couple of days. I have used several others in our area and have decided that @bsolute computer repair is my go to when I have any computer issues. After this experience, not only do I work with them, now our entire office relies on them.

Thank you for all you do!

~Shelley Low~

Exit Realty Advantage Pagosa

Have been on the computer all day and this baby drives like a Cadillac!

~LaWanna DeWees~

Team Murphy

Casey, not only paid me a visit in the Hospital, where he worked on my computer, but then worked on it remotely using his @bsolute Computer connection from his office in Pagosa. I'm eternally grateful for his kindness, friendship and expertise with my computers' and in my time of need. Thanks Casey, Cheryl and Heather

~Gary Cheadle~

Wyndham Vacation Resorts

Thank you so much for your time and expertise today, Heather.

You are wonderful

Look forward to working with you.

Kindest regards,

~Kim Moore~

Exit Realty

Greetings from Eddie Campbell,

This means a lot to let you know that @bsolute Computer Repair (Casey) is just that, a repair man. He's one that gets the job done with care and knowledge that many look for but don't seem to find. Thanks Casey for the good efficient work and a reasonable price for all the work done.

With thanks and gratitude,

~Eddie Campbell~

I'm Edgar Ortiz from Chavolos Restaurant. I had my computer work done by @bsolute Computer Repair and I'm real happy with their work. My computer is so much faster and the virus is gone so I recommend them for any work on your computer.

~Edgar Ortiz~

My experience with @bsolute Computer Repair was excellent. They are friendly, honest, and dependable. My computer was running so slow that I could not use it. Not only did they clean up the inside of my computer, they installed simple and easy to use CleanUP and Defraggler programs on my computer and showed me how to use them so that my computer will never get that bad again. They also taught me a couple of things about my computer that I did not know. I will recommend them to anyone who purchases a new computer so they can go through and get the unnecessary programs or to anyone who needs a clean-up like I did.

~Carol Baker~

Thanks @bsolute for the great service! I will recommend you to everyone I know!

~Todd House~

Thank you @bsolute,

@bsolute has the fast track to getting your computer performing fast and correct. Whatever you do listen to Casey's advice, especially regarding your RAM. Thank you again @bsolute for getting both my home computer and Laptop performing at its peak. You are the number one computer specialist. Fast with correct Diagnosis, there when you need them and always providing an outstanding service.

~Andy Rivera~

Electrical Design Engineer

Pagosa Springs Colorado

Thank you Casey. After telling you about my computer I really thought it was irreparable and sure did not want to spend the money to repair something that would more than likely give me be bad service. When you said let me look at it. I never thought it would work the way it does. It works like it was brand new and all for less than a tank of gas.

Thanks again!

~Frank Barta~

Retired Real estate broker

Many thanks for always for always being responsive to computer issues. Recently, my computer was hacked. Casey and Heather helped me with improved security.

Thank you,

~Gwen Bartley~

These Guys are the bomb! They even kept me from using one on my computer!!Thank you Casey GREAT job!

~Michael Murphy~

 Team Murphy Realty

Anyone looking for help with their computer programing or operations, I would recommend @bsolute Computers for repair or operation consulting.

Punctual and professional.

I would be glad to discuss services provided to me as a testimonial.

Ron Jiura

President of Eads Company

Dallas, TX

Customer Review for @bsolute Computers

There are only a few things in this life that stop me dead in my tracks and cause me tremendous worry and helplessness, when my car breaks down, and when my computer stops working :( I have a really good auto mechanic! Casey and Heather at @bsoulute Computer really go the extra mile to serve their customers and are as close as a phone call to answer any tech questions I have. What peace of mind and heart to know I have them in my back pocket to help keep my business going, because without my laptop, I am "dead in the water". How blessed are we to have someone of their caliber of integrity and knowledge in our little community. Thank you @bsolute Computers.

Best wishes,

Diane Munson@ www.sweetlifeforyou.com.